2013 • The Australian Adventure of Peregrine Langton Massingberd

THE AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURE OF PEREGRINE LANGTON MASSINGBERD , TAKEN FROM JOURNAL 16 OF PEREGRINE LANGTON MASSINGBERD 1832-1833: AN EDITED AND ILLUSTRATED TRANSCRIPTION ‘…he [Peregrine Langton Massingberd] showed me… his paintings… eight of which were views taken in Tasminia [sic] … All these paintings were every one of them most interesting performances. Nothing could be more faithful than they were in representation of the views; his trees in particular were incomparable’ Journal 16 of Peregrine Langton Massingberd, February-March, 1833, following a meeting with the artist John Glover

The Massingberd family travelled to Van Diemen’s Land on the Edward Lombe in 1832, which was wrecked in 1834. Conrad Martens artist, ‘Wreck of the Edward Lombe on Middle Head’, unsigned and
undated water colour, from an album of sketches and wash drawings of Sydney, ca. 1838-1857. The
title is from a note on the back of the painting possibly in hand of RT Carter. Also manuscript notes
regarding the date of the wreck occurring August 25th, 1834, when Martens was in Valpariso, and
questioning how long the wreck remained on Middle Head. Source: State Library of NSW, Dixson
Library no. DL PX 27, digital no. a2480018h.