2002 • ‘Manning Clark House: Reflections’

‘MANNING CLARK HOUSE: REFLECTIONS’, 2002, MCH CANBERRA ‘…Manning Clark House has long been a place where creative people, politicians, servants of the public, craftsmen, labourers and their friends met and talked and talked and talked. At the same time, four generations of a family used the house as a home. The two purposes often intersected, as when R H Tawney played marbles with the under-tens down on his knees or when David Campbell’s dulcet tones had to compete with the cackle of children’s chatter. The present Manning Clark House exists to continue the dialogue between Australia’s many voices. This publication documents the architecture and ambience of the house and garden, and the history of the family and friends who have kept it alive.’

2002 cover of 'Manning Clark House: Reflections'