1991 • ‘The Australian Dwelling’

‘THE AUSTRALIAN DWELLING: PROCEEDINGS’, 1991 RAIA CANBERRA ‘…This publication gathers together a series of papers presented at a conference held in the Bishop’s Lodge property at South Hay, NSW, in May 1990. The idea for the conference germinated in the late 1980s as a response to a series of discussions held by architects and other specialists involved in the art, science, history and practice of architectural conservation and/or by another group of specialists, equally dedicated and sincere, intent on exploring the themes, directions and philosophy of modern architecture, and the modem dwelling in particular.’‘…That such a result did in fact occur, is a matter for the historical record. That such an event occurred successfully at the Bishop’s Lodge property is a matter of historical fact, but more importantly is evidence of the extent to which a building and its cultural landscape can positively influence the deliberations and common interests of a group of people.’
1991 cover of 'The Australian Dwelling'