2008 • ‘Seeing North Head’

‘SEEING NORTH HEAD’, A PROJECT PREPARED FOR THE MANLY ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM This collection of images and text was prepared to give an understanding of the national treasure that is North Head. The collection was intended initially to span the prehistory and past two hundred ‘European’ years of the place. However the wealth of material available necessitated reducing the history slice to prehistory and the first one hundred ‘European’ years only. The story is told by means of chronological images and linked text. The story focuses primarily on the people, and secondarily on the many historical functions accommodated on the peninsula.There are many absences in the narrative. The Aboriginal prehistory of the place is barely touched, and only one woman, A P Marten [no Christian names available] is included. The story is also testimony of the power of the internet. Most images have been sourced from the internet, and new and rich connections have been made within the story through the accessibility that the net provides.Why ‘seeing north head’? The collection explores how we see, and what this special place has meant to artists and the community in history. It is hoped to extend the collection to cover the second hundred ‘European’ years.