2009 • The Grantham Academy at Bothwell Tasmania

THE GRANTHAM ACADEMY BROUGHT TOGETHER A GROUP OF ABOUT FIFTEEN CONSERVATION SPECIALISTS TO BOTHWELL WHO PUT TOGETHER SOME IDEAS FOR THE CONSERVATION OF THE GRANTHAM PROPERTY, AND FOR ITS FUTURE USE Bothwell fits snugly into a bend of the river, which abuts the town on the western side. The plan is a typical Georgian grid plan, which provides a comfortable and secure backdrop for the town’s market square, the regular and wide streets, the elegant sandstone public buildings and a variety of simple Georgian cottages. Bothwell doesn’t have many residents, perhaps only 400 or so, but the town is a very important service town for the pastoral and agricultural region that surrounds the town. But one property, placed on the northern edge of the town, does not conform to the image of northern neatness and rectitude. This is Grantham, a property first taken up in the 1840s, and which is now in a state of considerable disrepair.


Sketch of the Grantham Barn, PF 2009