THEATRE ROYAL & THE ACIPA PROJECT HOBART This publication has been commissioned by the University of Tasmania (UTAS) to celebrate the history of the much-loved Theatre Royal and its environs, and the completion of the co-located Creative Industries and Performing Arts development (ACIPA). The joint development, to be known as the Theatre Royal and 'Hedberg' project (after the Hedberg garage, which has been retained on site) will be opened early [...]

2017 • ST CLAIR VILLA: 175 Years of Goulburn History

ST CLAIR VILLA: 175 Years of Goulburn History This narrative about St Clair Villa in Sloane Street Goulburn has been created as a component of a project undertaken by the Goulburn Mulwaree Council, to restore the historic St Clair building and property, which is one of the most significant domestic buildings in the city, and which houses the museum and archives of the Goulburn & District Historical Society. The eminent [...]

2016 • MUNICIPAL MAGNIFICENCE: Hobart Town Hall 1866-2016

MUNICIPAL MAGNIFICENCE: Hobart Town Hall 1866-2016 Municipal Magnificence was commissioned by the City of Hobart to celebrate the sesqui-centenary of the completion of the Hobart Town Hall. The Hobart architect Brendan Lennard was a co-author, Hobart historian Kathryn Evans assisted in the preparation of the historical narrative, and Professor Henry Reynolds contributed a preface on the Aboriginal landscape of Sullivans Cove. The graphic designer was Hannah Gamble, and the editor [...]

2015 • DOMAIN HOUSE: The University of Tasmania Returns to the Queens Domain

DOMAIN HOUSE: The University of Tasmania Returns to the Queens Domain - 2015 DOMAIN HOUSE: THE UNIVERSITY OF TASMANIA RETURNS TO THE QUEENS DOMAIN has been commissioned by the University of Tasmania to commemorate the University's establishment in 1890, and to document the life and times of the University's first home, the former High School of Hobart Town, now known as Domain House. The authors were Peter Freeman and Paul Johnston, [...]

2013 • Three Cottage Landscapes

'THREE COTTAGE LANDSCAPES: A REFLECTION ON FORTY YEARS OF CONSERVATION PRACTICE' - 2013 In the Journal of the Australian Garden History Society, January 2013. '... Strong regional characteristics of the eastern Riverina in NSW, the NSW south coast, and southern Italy, both differentiate and unite each of the cottage landscapes lovingly conserved and retold here'. An invited essay prepared for the AGHS Journal.

2013 • The Wallpapered Manse

'THE WALLPAPERED MANSE: THE RESCUE OF AN ENDANGERED HOUSE' - 2013 This book is about the former Presbyterian Manse in Moruya, a coastal town on the south coast of NSW. The publication traces the history of the manse since its construction in 1865 and the conservation project, which has brought the property back to life. But the publication has a much wider sweep, as it chronicles the life and times [...]

2013 • The Australian Adventure of Peregrine Langton Massingberd

THE AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURE OF PEREGRINE LANGTON MASSINGBERD, TAKEN FROM JOURNAL 16 OF PEREGRINE LANGTON MASSINGBERD 1832-1833: AN EDITED AND ILLUSTRATED TRANSCRIPTION '...he [Peregrine Langton Massingberd] showed me... his paintings... eight of which were views taken in Tasminia [sic] ... All these paintings were every one of them most interesting performances. Nothing could be more faithful than they were in representation of the views; his trees in particular were incomparable' Journal [...]

2012 • Hong Kong House

'HONG KONG HOUSE', HKETO SYDNEY, WATERMARK PRESS, 2012 This book was prepared for the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office, to celebrate the history, connections and presence of Hong Kong in Sydney and Australia. The 144 page 25 cms. square format book was published by HKETO as a 'cultural gift' for Chinese and Australasian clients and traces the history and events relating to the Hong Kong government's premises in central [...]

2012 • ‘Thoroughly Modern: The Life and Times of Malcolm Moir + Heather Sutherland’

'THOROUGHLY MODERN: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF MALCOLM MOIR + HEATHER SUTHERLAND', CANBERRA 2021 '... Heather McDonald Sutherland and Malcolm Johnson Moir were born in Sydney in 1903 within two days of each other. Heather was born 25 May 1903 at Point Piper, the eldest of four children from her father William’s first marriage to Clare. Malcolm was the second son of Donald and Dulcabella Moir, and he was born [...]

2009-2011 • Encyclopaedia of Australian Architecture

ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF AUSTRALIAN ARCHITECTURE GUEST CONTRIBUTOR Peter Freeman was a contributor to the Encyclopaedia of Australian Architecture, published late in 2011. The Freeman entries were 'The Australian Homestead', 'The Verandah', and brief entries on the architects Malcolm Moir + Heather Sutherland, the architect and artist Henry Maitland Rolland, and the architect Cuthbert Whitley.

2008 • ‘Seeing North Head’

'SEEING NORTH HEAD', A PROJECT PREPARED FOR THE MANLY ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM This collection of images and text was prepared to give an understanding of the national treasure that is North Head. The collection was intended initially to span the prehistory and past two hundred 'European' years of the place. However the wealth of material available necessitated reducing the history slice to prehistory and the first one hundred 'European' [...]

2002 • ‘Manning Clark House: Reflections’

'MANNING CLARK HOUSE: REFLECTIONS', 2002, MCH CANBERRA '... Manning Clark House has long been a place where creative people, politicians, servants of the public, craftsmen, labourers and their friends met and talked and talked and talked. At the same time, four generations of a family used the house as a home. The two purposes often intersected, as when R H Tawney played marbles with the under-tens down on his knees [...]

1991 • ‘The Australian Dwelling’

'THE AUSTRALIAN DWELLING: PROCEEDINGS', 1991 RAIA CANBERRA '... This publication gathers together a series of papers presented at a conference held in the Bishop's Lodge property at South Hay, NSW, in May 1990. The idea for the conference germinated in the late 1980s as a response to a series of discussions held by architects and other specialists involved in the art, science, history and practice of architectural conservation and/or by [...]

1988 • ‘Gables Ghosts and Governors-General’

'GABLES GHOSTS AND GOVERNORS-GENERAL': THE HISTORIC HOUSE AT YARRALUMLA, 1988, ALLEN & UNWIN AND THE CANBERRA & DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY, CANBERRA '... Undertaken as a Bicentenary project by the Canberra and District Historical Society following a suggestion by the Governor~Genera1, Sir Ninian Stephen, this book is the work of a panel of historians well-qualified to write about the many aspects which comprise the Story of Australia's First House.' '...Peter Freeman [...]

1985 • ‘Building Conservation in Australia’ Co-Editor + Contributor

'BUILDING CONSERVATION IN AUSTRALIA', 1985, RAIA CANBERRA '... The RAIA has initiated a series of seminars to provide a forum for practitioners, administrators, and laypeople, to discuss their problems in the field of building conservation, and to provide expert speakers in the fields of conservation philosophy, practice, and legislation. This publication arose out of this series of seminars. It is the hope of the editors and the RAIA as publishers [...]

1985 • Profile by Betsy Brennan in ‘Vogue’

'CONSERVING ASSETS', PROFILE BY BETSY BRENNAN IN 'VOGUE' FEBRUARY 1985 '... Conservation, to architect Peter Freeman, is concern for the unsung buildings of Australia's heritage. His published studies of homesteads and outbuildings in the Riverina region of NSW prove his depth of feeling, writes Betsy Brennan.'

1982 • ‘The Homestead: A Riverina Anthology’

'THE HOMESTEAD: A RIVERINA ANTHOLOGY', 1982, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS MELBOURNE '... The preparation of 'The Homestead' involved architect Peter Freeman in many hours of travel, discussion and archival research. The result is an exciting companion to his earlier study, and a valuable contribution to the literature of Australia's vernacular building. But this is not merely a catalogue of the most representative, or most spectacular, or most picturesque Riverina homesteads. It [...]

1980 • ‘The Woolshed: A Riverina Anthology’

'THE WOOLSHED: A RIVERINA ANTHOLOGY', 1980, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS MELBOURNE '... In compiling this study of the woolsheds of the Riverina, architect Peter Freeman visited numerous woolsheds, talking to their owners, photographing and sketching the now-deserted structures and immersing himself in the history of the period. He considers the woolshed as an Australian vernacular form, its development, materials and construction, and explains the work involved in processing the wool. He [...]

1979 • ‘The Murrumbidgee Area Sketchbook’

'MURRUMBIDGEE IRRIGATION AREA SKETCHBOOK', 1979, DEREK WOOLCOTT + PETER FREEMAN, RIGBY ADELAIDE '... In this sketch book Derek Woolcott traces the events which brought about the formation of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, and vividly describes the buildings and industries of the old and new eras of the region. Peter Freeman's simple but elegant sketches are a fitting complement to the text.'

1975-1979 • Illustrated Historic Places Calendars

ILLUSTRATED HERITAGE CALENDARS FOR THE COOTAMUNDRA + DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY AND THE NATIONAL TRUST OF AUSTRALIA NSW RIVERINA REGION From 1975 to 1979, I produced an annual illustrated calendar depicting historic places, firstly for the Cootamundra + District Historical Society, and then for the National Trust of Australia NSW [Riverina region]. Three of those publications are illustrated here.

1977 • ‘Woolsheds of the Riverina’, ARCHITECTURE AUSTRALIA

1977 • ‘Woolsheds of the Riverina’, ARCHITECTURE AUSTRALIA '... Peter Freeman is an architect with the Public Works Department, New South Wales, in the Government Architect's Branch, presently stationed at Cootamundra, New South Wales. For the past two years he has been gathering material for a book on woolsheds in the Riverina. We publish here some extracts from the book dealing with four sheds, Urangeline, Bygoo, WalIendbeen and Naradhan.'