2010-2012 • Parliament Square Hobart + the former Print Authority building

ADAPTIVE REUSE OF THE FORMER TASMANIAN PRINT AUTHORITY BUILDING AT 2-4 SALAMANCA PLACE HOBART In 2007, PFCA+P were commissioned to undertake a built heritage assessment of the buildings that comprised the 'Heritage Square' precinct in central Hobart. That precinct subsequently became known as 'Parliament Square', and a development proposal was advanced for the Square. This proposal required the demolition of two listed buildings; the Government offices at 10 Murray Street, [...]

2007-2009 • Holy Trinity Church Precinct Hobart CMP

PREPARATION OF A CMP FOR THE HOLY TRINITY CHURCH PRECINCT WARWICK STREET HOBART The Hobart City Council provided the Brief for the Holy Trinity Conservation Management Plan. The primary objective of this Plan was '... the production of a CMP which analysed the cultural significance of Holy Trinity Church Hobart, within a local, state and national context; and provided guidelines for the future care and management of the place, including [...]

2009 • The Grantham Academy at Bothwell Tasmania

THE GRANTHAM ACADEMY BROUGHT TOGETHER A GROUP OF ABOUT FIFTEEN CONSERVATION SPECIALISTS TO BOTHWELL WHO PUT TOGETHER SOME IDEAS FOR THE CONSERVATION OF THE GRANTHAM PROPERTY, AND FOR ITS FUTURE USE Bothwell fits snugly into a bend of the river, which abuts the town on the western side. The plan is a typical Georgian grid plan, which provides a comfortable and secure backdrop for the town's market square, the regular [...]

2008 • Macquarie Hotel Hobart Heritage Assessment

PREPARATION OF A HERITAGE ASSESSMENT FOR THE MACQUARIE HOUSE PRECINCT IN HOBART + EXPERT WITNESS EVIDENCE AT RMPAT The expert witness evidence and assessment was prepared in response to a DA for a twelve level primarily office building at 151 Macquarie Street and 3 Victoria Street, on a site occupied by the remnants of the largest and most substantial surviving residence, from the first eleven years of European settlement in [...]

2007 • Heritage Square Hobart Heritage Assessment

PREPARATION OF A HERITAGE ASSESSMENT AND POLICY FOR THE TREASURY SQUARE PROJECT - 2006-2007 The Treasury Square project involves the proposed Government disaggregation of the entire historic city block which includes Parliament House. The project [which excludes the Parliament House Precinct] involved the investigation of the history, significance, and appropriate policy for the Square, which includes the former Queen Mary Hospital, a William Porden Kay building. Project completed for the [...]

2006 • Treasury Entry 21 Murray Street Hobart

PROPOSALS FOR RECONFIGURATION OF THE TREASURY ENTRANCE TO THE GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS TO ACHIEVE BETTER SECURITY AND FUNCTION - 2002-2007 The Treasury entrance is the centre-piece to the original Murray Street Government buildings. A scoping study and design was completed in 2002, followed up by a more detailed options study and proposals in 2006. The building has associations with the early architects John Lee Archer, James Blackburn, and William Porden Kay. [...]

2000 • The Queen Mary Club Precinct Hobart CMP

THE PREPARATION OF A HERITAGE MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR THE QUEEN MARY CLUB IN HOBART - 2007 The Queen Mary Club is the oldest women's clubs in Tasmania, and one of the oldest in Australia. The Club occupies a fine James Blackburn building in Macquarie street Hobart, originally the Bank of Australasia. The Queen Mary Club Precinct is of National significance and the Plan included a nomination to the National Heritage [...]

1997 • Point Puer Port Arthur Archaeological Project

Archaeological assessment for Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority - 1993 to 1997 This project, undertaken in association with Austral Archaeology as archaeological consultants, involved the detailed archaeological assessment of Point Puer, the early 19th century penitentiary for juvenile transportees. Preparation of conservation policy strategy and guidelines.

1997 • Inveresk Rail Yards CMP

CONSERVATION MANAGEMENT PLAN GUIDE FOR THE LAUNCESTON BETTER CITIES PROJECT - 1996 to 1997 Preparation of an illustrated guide to a CMP previously prepared by Michael Pearson of Heritage Management Consultants. The completed guide was an illustrated handbook to the Railyards precinct, clearly setting out conservation principles and guidelines for potential users/occupants.

1997 • Ingle Hall Hobart Proposed Print Museum

PROPOSED PRINT MUSEUM FOR DAVIES BROTHERS LTD, HOBART - 1997 This project was completed in partnership with Davies Brothers, publishers of The Mercury; the TM&AG; and Freeman Firth as consultants. The Print Museum is to be placed in the ground floor of the historic Ingle Hall in Macquarie Street, Hobart. Documentation of strategy and required works.

1997 • The Parliament House Precinct Hobart CMP

CONSERVATION MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR THE JOINT HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT - 1996 TO 1997 Preparation of a CMP for the historic Parliament House, as part of a comprehensive strategic asset management plan also being completed by Freeman Firth. The plan provided a detailed assessment of the historic section of the building and policies to guide future conservation strategy.

1995 • The Queen’s Warehouse CMP • TMAG Hobart

PREPARATION A CONSERVATION MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR THE FORMER QUEEN'S WAREHOUSE, TASMANIAN MUSEUM & ART GALLERY PRECINCT, HOBART & DOCUMENTATION/OVERSIGHT OF CONSERVATION WORKS FOR THE QUEEN'S WAREHOUSE. The TMAG precinct comprises the earliest European buildings in Hobart. The early C19th Commissariat Issuing and Bond Stores were joined by the mid C19th Henry Hunter buildings to become the TMAG precinct we know today. THE QUEEN'S WAREHOUSE WAS BUILT IN THE 1840'S TO [...]

1992 • Private Secretary’s Residence CMP • TMAG Hobart

PREPARATION A CONSERVATION MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR THE PRIVATE SECRETARY'S RESIDENCE [MUSEUM COTTAGE] WITHIN THE TASMANIAN MUSEUM & ART GALLERY PRECINCT, HOBART. PREPARATION OF AN INTERPRETATION PLAN AND DOCUMENTATION/OVERSIGHT OF CONSERVATION WORKS TO THE COTTAGE. The private Secretary's Residence is the oldest known extant domestic building in Tasmania. The cottage was originally a stables and dairy [?] attached to the 1806-1809 Commissariat Issuing Store. It was modified in 1828 by John [...]

1988 • Hobart Civic Square Site Heritage Assessment

HOBART CIVIC SQUARE STUDY PREPARED AS PART OF THE HOBART CIVIC SQUARE PROJECT The Sullivans Cove Development Authority brief was to gather information from documentary, physical and oral evidence of the evolution of building development on the proposed Hobart Civic Square site and to prepare a statement of significance on the site and its buildings within the overall context of Sullivans Cove. The resultant Hobart Civic Square study was made [...]