2011-2012 • Reid Streetscape CMP for Roads ACT

CONSERVATION MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR ORIGINAL STREET FURNITURE AND UTILITY SERVICES WITHIN THE REID HERITAGE PRECINCT ACT This Conservation Management Plan responded to a Roads ACT Brief for a CMP for original street furniture and utility services within the Reid Heritage Precinct. The Roads ACT brief responded to an objective within the Reid Heritage Precinct citation Specific Requirements: '... Objective 1.3: Original Street Furniture and Utility Services: To ensure that remaining [...]

2010-2012 • Flynn School Precinct Adaptive Reuse Project

CONSERVATION STRATEGY FOR THE ADAPTIVE REUSE OF THE FORMER FLYNN SCHOOL PRECINCT The Conservation Strategy was prepared in order to provide an understanding of, and strategies for the significance of the former Flynn School precinct [resulting in an authoritative Statement of Significance], the moral rights parameters of the adaptive reuse project [including consultation with the architect of the School, Dr Enrico Taglietti], and advice on potential impacts of the adaptive [...]

2010-2012 • CSIRO Insectaries Black Mountain ACT

PREPARATION OF A STATEMENT OF HERITAGE IMPACT + REFERRAL FOR THE FORMER INSECTARIES AT CSIRO BLACK MOUNTAIN CAMPUS ACT CSIRO no longer uses two 1930s Insectaries which are now in a dangerous condition, and thus required an SoHI and Referral for the structures.

2011 • City Hill / Northbourne Avenue Precinct Master Plan ACT

STATEMENT OF HERITAGE IMPACT OF AN URBAN DESIGN RESPONSE FOR THE PUBLIC REALM OF NORTHBOURNE AVENUE AND CITY HILL IN CANBERRA CITY The purpose of the master plan was to provide a comprehensive urban design response for the public realm of Northbourne Avenue and City Hill in Canberra City. In order to appropriately respond to the heritage values of City Hill, Sydney and Melbourne Buildings and the City Hill precinct [...]

2006-2011 • Civic Square Precinct Final CMP

FINALISATION OF THE CONSERVATION MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR THE CIVIC SQUARE PRECINCT IN CIVIC ACT 2006-2011 With the completion of the 2006 draft final Conservation Management Plan for the precinct [see earlier post], further extensive comment was received from the Civic Square stakeholders, however incorporation of this additional comment and information into the draft final Plan was not feasible within the project’s resources. However, late in 2008, in recognition of the [...]

2011 • Grant Crescent Griffith ACT Options Study

ADVICE AND OPTIONS REPORT FOR A GRANT CRESCENT GRIFFITH ACT PROPERTY This advice and options report was prepared in response to a brief from the owners Richard and Meredith Highfield. The advice relates to the architectural and heritage values of the Grant Crescent property, to its current condition and setting, and provides recommendations about potential redevelopment options.

2011 • The Architects of Albert Hall Canberra

A TALK ABOUT THE ARCHITECTS RESPONSIBLE FOR CANBERRA’S ALBERT HALL Early in 1926, the Chairman of the Federal Capital Commission, John Henry Butters wrote a memorandum to the Rt. Hon. G F Pearce, Minister for Home and Territories, regarding the need for a new Assembly Hall in Canberra. Butters envisaged a hall equivalent to the Town Halls normally found in other [unplanned] Australian towns and cities. Butters wrote: '... It [...]

2009-2011 • CSIRO Westridge House Yarralumla ACT HMP

PREPARATION OF A HERITAGE MANAGEMENT PLAN + REFERRAL FOR THE WESTRIDGE HOUSE PRECINCT YARRALUMLA ACT CSIRO proposed the divestment of the Westridge House property, and thus required an updated Heritage Management Plan for the Westridge House precinct exclusively, such that the Plan could be provided to the Department responsible for administering the EPBC Act, for their due diligence assessment of this proposal. The Westridge House property was formerly the Australian [...]

2009 • Telopea Park School ACT CMP

PREPARATION OF A CMP FOR THE TELOPEA PARK SCHOOL PRECINCT IN THE ACT The Conservation Management Plan was undertaken to guide conservation and future use of the School and its precinct. As a consequence of proposed minor works to Telopea Park School a Heritage Impact Assessment [HIA], was also prepared, which was a companion document to this Plan. The Plan was prepared in accord with the Australia ICOMOS Burra Charter [...]

2008 • CSIRO Plant Phenomics Building Black Mountain ACT SoHI

PREPARATION OF A STATEMENT OF HERITAGE IMPACT FOR THE CSIRO PLANT PHENOMICS BUILDING An Heritage Impact Assessment [HIA] was prepared at the request of S2F Architects Pty Ltd, consultants to the CSIRO Black Mountain, for the National Phenomics High Resolution Centre project, which was to be developed at the former Phytotron building within the CSIRO Black Mountain campus. The Phytotron is important for its association with the designer Roy Grounds. [...]

2006 • Albert Hall Precinct Canberra

PREPARATION OF A HERITAGE MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR THE ALBERT HALL HERITAGE PRECINCT CANBERRA - 2005 TO 2006 The ALBERT HALL HERITAGE PRECINCT in Canberra is of National Heritage significance for its associations with the first years of the Federal Capital, and for the national events that tok place within the Hall, and for the associations with prominent Australians. The consultant team for the Plan were Peter Freeman Pty Ltd and [...]

2006 • Civic Square Canberra CMP

PREPARATION OF A CONSERVATION MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR CIVIC SQUARE IN CIVIC CANBERRA - 2006 The Civic Square and the adjacent building complex were designed and built in the 1960s to create a world class community and arts venue. The Plan proposed the retrieval of the significance of the Square and guidelines for management and conservation.

2005 • Australian War Memorial Heritage Strategy

THIS PROJECT INVOLVED THE PREPARATION OF A BRIEF FOR THE THE AWM'S HERITAGE STRATEGY AND IN GUIDING THE AWM IN PROCUREMENT OF THE STRATEGY - FROM 2005 & CURRENT The AWM is a Memorial / Museum / Gallery and Library. It is also Canberra's premier tourist destination. Peter Freeman Pty Ltd have had an ongoing consultancy relationship with the AWM since 1996, and the practice has prepared numerous conservation documents [...]

2005 • Kings Park Canberra Management Plan

PREPARATION OF A MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR KINGS PARK IN THE PARLIAMENTARY TRIANGLE OF CANBERRA FOR THE NATIONAL CAPITAL AUTHORITY [NCA] In 2005 the NCA commissioned Peter Freeman Pty Ltd to prepare a Heritage Management Plan for Kings Park, an informal Park area within the Parliamentary Triangle. The Park was designed by Richard Clough [NCDC] and Sir William Holford [consultant to the NCDC]. The Plan was completed to draft stage, but [...]

2002 • Old Parliament House Canberra • Roof study

THE OLD PARLIAMENT HOUSE: NORTH WING ROOF & ASSOCIATED AREAS HERITAGE ASSESSMENT This Assessment responded to a Brief prepared by the Department of Communications, Information and the Arts, and required the acquittal of the following tasks: Develop heritage assessments, and provide advice in relation to the upgrading of the North Wing roof and associated works at Old Parliament House, informed by the OPH Conservation Management Plan 2000 and supplementary heritage [...]

2000 • The Lodge Canberra CMP

THE LODGE, CANBERRA CONSERVATION MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR OFFICIAL ESTABLISHMENT TRUST - 1999-2000 Preparation of a Conservation Management Plan for The Lodge, in order to provide guidance on future conservation management directions. Co-consultancy with Dr Lenore Coltheart, Historian.