Project Description

MUNICIPAL MAGNIFICENCE: Hobart Town Hall 1866-2016

Municipal Magnificence was commissioned by the City of Hobart to celebrate the sesqui-centenary of the completion of the Hobart Town Hall. The Hobart architect Brendan Lennard was a co-author, Hobart historian Kathryn Evans assisted in the preparation of the historical narrative, and Professor Henry Reynolds contributed a preface on the Aboriginal landscape of Sullivans Cove. The graphic designer was Hannah Gamble, and the editor and index editor were Angela Marshall and Nikki Davis respectively. The book was published by the City of Hobart and was printed by Asia Pacific Offset. Associate Professor Stefan Petrow, in reviewing Municipal Magnificence observed that:

‘What first strikes one is the abundant images on virtually every page. The book is certainly replete with well-chosen images of individuals who had some association with the Town Hall, but there are also hundreds of plans, photographs of the building at various stages of its history and from different angles and the activities that have been held in the ballroom in particular. I am sure that when you buy a copy of Municipal Magnificence you will be immediately attracted to those images, some of which, in a nice touch, have been placed most unusually on the index pages, and have been sourced from various collections, public and private’.

Municipal Magnificence is 294 pages, 29.5cm by 24.5cm landscape format, full colour, and is available from Tasmanian bookshops, and for mainland purchasers, by order from Peter Freeman.